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Please note that while the PCB developers do care about fixing bugs, we all work on PCB in our free time and patience is appreciated.

Bugs should be reported in the PCB bug tracker. While it is fine to ask questions on the gEDA mailing lists, the bug tracker is the prefered location for bug reports. This is because when a developer has some time to work on bugs they are collected in one location. Feel free to file a report in the bug tracker and also report it on the mailing list though.

Bugs reports and patches for gschem or gsch2pcb (part of gEDA/gaf) should be reported on the gEDA/gaf bug tracker.

When reporting bugs in PCB, please follow these guidelines.

  • Please see if this bug has already been reported. Also if you are running a snapshot release which is not the latest, read over the release notes for the newer releases to see if the bug has already been fixed.
  • Include the exact pcb version. If it is a snapshot release, include the release number, if you built from git or anonymous-cvs sources, include the date when you last updated your sources. If we don't know what code you're running we can't fix it! Release version numbers can be found in the "About" menu.
  • Describe how the problem can easily be reproduced. If you are able to provide a small test case that will be a tremendous help. Bugs which require hours of effort to reproduce are likely to take a low priority.
  • Include any other information which may be relevant to your bug. Examples are:
    • Please use any of the relevant official tags you can find when submitting the bug.
    • Which GUI? GTK or Lesstif? If you do not know, look at the "About" window in PCB.
    • Versions of 3rd party libraries.
  • If you are able to provide a patch, that is always helpful.
  • If you are able to provide a testsuite entry that demonstrates the bug, this is extremely helpful. Not only will it help in reproducing the bug so we can debug it, it will help improve the long term quality of PCB. A good testsuite check is the simplest example that demonstrates the bug. A huge example is much less effective of a test. See How to Help for more information about the testsuite.
  • Please log into the bug tracking system. This allows you to receive a notification when additional content is added to the bug report or if its status changes. It is also useful when seeking feedback to see if a particular bug has been fixed.
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