Can I run PCB on my favorite operating system?

PCB should run under any unix-like operating system. To do useful work, you need either lesstif or gtk on your system.

What about PCB under Windows?

Recent snapshots of PCB will build under cygwin and/or mingw. In addition there is a windows installer in the file release area. Please note that windows is not the typical platform of PCB developers and support for this port may be lacking.

When I try to bootstrap and build the git or anonymous CVS version, autogen.sh complains of configure.in missing

Make sure you have a recent version of autoconf installed. Version 2.13 is too old. Try running "autoconf --version" to figure out what version you have.

configure complains that wish is not found, but I have TCL/TK installed!

If you get a message like the following:
configure: error: Did not find the wish executible. You need to make sure that tcl is installed on your system and that wish is in your path
This can happen if the wish program that comes with TK is not called "wish" on your system. In this case, you need to set the WISH environment variable to the complete path to the wish executible. For example in sh/ksh/bash:
export WISH
or in csh/tcsh:
setenv WISH /usr/bin/wish84

Now when you run the ./configure script, it should be possible to find wish.

When compiling, yywrap is missing during linking.

If you get a message like the following:

    Undefined         first referenced
     symbol                in file
     yywrap               parse_l.o
     ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output....

when trying to compile PCB, it is probably because you do not have flex installed on your system or the configure script did not find it. You may need to help out configure if flex is not installed in the standard system library directory. For example, if you have installed flex in /opt/flex then you'll want to use something like:
env LDFLAGS="-L/opt/flex/lib" ./configure
to make sure the linker can find libfl.a.

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